Indonesian Premium Bird’s Nest

Your trusted Bird’s Nest provider and exporter. Delivering high quality, healthy and hygienic Bird’s Nest from Indonesia to the world.

Our Finest Offer

We offer a range of clean Bird’s Nest with premium quality, high hygiene standard, and numerous health benefits. Our products are handled by well-trained and competent personnel according to food safety, cleanliness, and hygiene procedures (GMP, HACCP, and ISO 22000).

Our Quality Excellence

PT Natura Karunia Agung has been acknowledged by both government and private accreditation agencies and is licensed to harvest, produce, and distribute high quality Bird’s Nest. We strive to apply the highest standard in everything we do and produce.

Our Safety Measure

We guarantee our products are always natural and fresh, attractively and thoroughly packaged, and quality controlled to the highest level. From the raw material to the hands of the customers, we put our best effort every step along the way.

About Bird’s Nest

Bird’s Nest has been recognized as a healthy traditional food and even a recommended medicine especially in Asia, although recently its influence has reached all other continents as well. Today, Bird’s Nest is considered a premium treat and is often served as a first-class gift to business partners, in-laws and other respected parties. Bird’s Nest naturally produces sialic acid, glycoproteins, and minerals which are beneficial for our body. Sialic acid has a special role for our body and brain. This increases our overall immunity, improves learning abilities, and helps prevent influenza. Glycoproteins have various functions; maintain the immune system, blood, digestion, lungs, communication between cells, the reproductive system, and skin health. Minerals have various health benefits, such as cell regeneration, strengthening the immune system and body growth and development. And as an excellent restorative food, it can be consumed by a variety of individuals from 1 year of age to the elderly. It’s even good for pregnant women

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We offer only the best and highest quality Bird’s Nest:

The best choice to support and boost your health and stamina

100% natural from the farm to your dining table

Licensed and proven products and processes

No-Additives and Non-GMO Guaranteed 

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